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Forced Air Heating: What You Need to Know…

forced air HVAC systems

If you’re in the market for a new heating system, then there’s a good chance you’d have heard of the term, ‘forced air heating’ and this is quickly followed by the question: ‘what is forced air heating?’

There are many different kinds of heating systems and it’s not entirely unusual to get overwhelmed by the choices that are presented to you.

A forced air heating system is a heating system that moves heat throughout a building using air.

In this system, heated or cooled air is pushed through a series of ducts and is expelled from vents into the rooms to maintain a certain temperature.

The temperature corresponds to whatever has been set on the thermostat, and once it achieves this temperature, it will close down until the temperature drops or heightens again.

Different Kinds of Forced Air Heating Systems

air forced heating systemsThe biggest differentiator between different types of forced air heating systems is the kind of equipment that heats the air. For example, you might have a gas or electric furnace, a heat pump or a hydronic coil. All of these are capable of heating air, and when put to work with a fan, blower or air handler it is capable of moving heated air throughout a building.

Forced air systems are generally constructed to incorporate air con systems and can effectively keep your building comfortable year-round. This is ideal when heat pumps are being utilised as they are able to both heat and cool and are actually very energy efficient.

Is Forced Air for Me?

If you have ductwork already installed or you are building a system from scratch, then it can often make sense to opt for forced air heating. However, if you’re in the market to replace your current system within a building that doesn’t already have ductwork in place, then you will be required to have these installed and may add a lot to the overall installation costs. The benefits of this however, often overrule the cost as forced air systems are the only installation that can marry heating and cooling.

Overall your heating and cooling needs depend specifically on your situation. At Air Plants Heating we’re here to advise you on the best ways to manage your heating needs. Our location means that we’re ideally placed to service clients up and down the country. Contact us today!


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An office space should always be shaped with performance in mind. Thinking about certain things like layout and design of a workplace is vital in order to meet employee standards and encourage productivity. However there are other factors to take into consideration such as temperature.
Environmental factors can in some cases cause major issues to certain workers. But, this is most probably a very rare circumstance and this is why more often than not, issues like these are not address correctly.
There are a few factors that affect thermal comfort in the workplace:
– Air temperature
– Radiant temperature
– Air velocity and humidity
– Personal factors e.g. clothing insulation and metabolic heat.
Although temperature is closely related to physical working environments such as bakeries, office managers should be aware of the effect that temperature has.
If the temperature of an office is not regulated often then workers will begin to suffer from heat stress and as a result the productivity within the office will begin to decline.
An artificially heated room still needs to be properly ventilated as the office space can become stuffy and of course if left unregulated this can result in bad odour and a significant drop in the productivity of employees.
It’s not only the raise in temperature that can affect a work place. During the colder months, the optimum temperature for workers who spend the majority of the day in the office should be between 21 and 22 ºc. If the temperature goes above or below this optimum temperature then productivity and concentration is said to drop.
Of course it’s important to note that everyone is different, people perform differently depending on environmental factors. It’s a good idea to experiment and find your optimum working temperatures that works best for you and your employees.
APH know that creating the right temperature is essential and this is why we offer cost effective heating and cooling devices ideal for offices and retail. For more information on the services we provide, feel free to contact our team on 08000 198 850 or fill in our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.