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Factories, Warehouses, Workshops, Production Areas, Mezzanine Floors, Garages Manufacturing

Equipment used:

Powrmatic, Benson Ambirad, Winterwarm Roberts Gordon, Combat

Industrial Heating Leicestershire

Air Plants Heating has been in the industrial heating business for almost 120 years and during that time we have built an enviable reputation of quality, trust and authority. Not only do we specialise in industrial heating, we also have expertise in warehouse, factory, office and commercial heating. Our wide range of experience helps us to consistently provide up to date information on an array of systems to suit the needs of our clients. Although most warehouses in the country are known for being cold environments, there are still many that use industrial heating systems to provide an optimum temperature to suit the style of work they carry out. Warm air heating units are similar to air-conditioning systems in the sense that they blow air around ducts as well as through vents all over a property. The very nature of a warm air heating system means they have the ability to be personalised through means of timers and temperature gauges.

Industrial Heating Specialists

It is essential that industrial heating units are serviced annually. The air in an industrial heating system is moved around the unit by a large fan, which means that there is a tendency to see a build-up of dust and debris. Only by keeping the heating unit clean and optimising the pressures can an individual ensure that the unit systems run smoothly, whilst consistently producing the optimum output. Our many years of industrial heating experience ensure that we provide each of our customers with the knowledge they need to keep their industrial heating system of choice in tip top condition and running efficiently for years to come.

Industrial Heating & Cooling

Modern industrial heating is warmed up by a gas burner and is controlled electronically by a thermostat and a time control switch, helping users to personalise their system, and control the temperature of their environment effectively. Such modern warm air heaters provide stable room temperatures and improved fuel efficiency, all at the switch of a button. We are never happy unless our customers are content with their heating and cooling systems, and will work continuously to customise the most appropriate design. We’re confident that our gas safe registered and OFTEC accredited engineers will install any heating and cooling system with the upmost care. However, our after-sales care team will always be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

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