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Why choose APH for your Evaporative Cooling system?

If you are looking to invest in an evaporative cooling system, APH are who to come to. We have a range of highly efficient models to suit your budget, function and space. Air Plants Heating have been trading for almost 120 years, during this time we have built up a trusted reputation for providing industrial and commercial buildings with durable and reliable heating and cooling systems. These can include warehouses, factories, retail stores and offices. The quality heating and cooling systems we supply are only fitted by trusted, highly qualified engineers. Our many years in business have resulted in APH becoming a respected authority in workmanship, design, and customer service in the heating and cooling sector.

Evaporative Cooling Specialists

Are you looking to maintain a precise cool temperature in an industrial or commercial environment, to keep recourses and equipment cool or for a specific project? At APH, we always survey the premises to assess your requirements at the start of every project. All of our evaporative cooling systems are designed to provide reliable service and stand the test of time. We also offer a maintenance service from our highly proficient specialists, ensuring that you can be confident that your evaporative cooling system will always remain in full working order.

Why Choose an Evaporative Cooling System?

If your business has high levels of process, solar, latent heat, you may be looking to invest in an evaporative cooling system to get the working temperature down to increase productivity. Evaporative cooling systems provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of ventilating and cooling a building. Evaporative cooling systems are perfect for businesses on a budget due to the lack of large, heavy machinery required. We stock a range of different models you can choose from when deciding which product suits your business the most, including side mounted, roof mounted and ducted.

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