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Factories, Warehouses, Workshops, Production Areas, Mezzanine Floors, Garages Manufacturing

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Biomass heating systems

Biomass Heating

Air Plants Heating have been involved in the growth of Biomass Heating for almost 120 years, and during this time we’ve built a reputation for producing and fitting, quality warehouse, factory, office and biomass heating systems. We take pride ourselves on delivering a top quality customer service, and only work alongside the most talented and passionate individuals in order to transfer the high quality level of service that we’ve been known for over the years. Biomass heating systems are adaptable, and use wood pellets, chips or logs to provide warmth to a single room, or power a central heating or hot water system.

Biomass Heating Specialists

We are an innovative company, and are always looking for new ways to go green! Embracing modern technology systems allows us to reduce your energy bills, as well as lower your carbon emissions. Biomass heating systems burn logs, pellets or chips to activate the water heater, which in turn produces heat to warm a room to a comfortable temperature effectively. The versatility of biomass heating systems makes them popular with businesses that span a variety of sectors.

Biomass Heating & Cooling

Investing in a wood-fuelled biomass heater can save you nearly £1,000 a year in comparison to electric heating. In addition to this, biomass heating and cooling systems are not only a low cost option, they are also eco-friendlier than many other heating and cooling systems. All of the carbon dioxide that is emitted when the wood is being burnt to produce heat is equal to the same amount of oxygen that would have been taken in over the years that the tree was growing. Consequently, as long as new plants continue to grow in place of any wood that we use, this transition process is a far more sustainable option than overused fossil fuels.

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