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Commercial Biomass Boiler Systems

At Air Plants Heating, we are committed to embracing newer, greener technology that enables the successful heating of businesses while having a minimal impact on the environment. Our commercial biomass boilers are designed to reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon emissions at the same time. They work by burning wood chips or pellets to heat water within the system, converting this into clean energy. The heat generated is then sufficient to cover all of the heating requirements of your premises.

Commercial biomass boilers are incredibly simple to install. Our experienced team of engineers complete an initial on-site survey in order to gauge your layout and requirements so we can design a system that perfectly meets all of your needs.

Benefits of Biomass Heating For Your Business

Lowering your monthly emissions isn’t the only benefit that comes with investing in biomass boilers. As one of the most efficient methods of heating, the process can convert up to 96% of the energy into heat, which can significantly reduce your monthly heating bills. Not only can you save money, you can also make money thanks to the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. Any business that installs a biomass boiler is eligible to apply for the RHI scheme. The scheme was designed by the government to pay business owners for the heat their system generates, rewarding them for their investment in greener energy. The commercial biomass boilers we provide make your business eligible, which means you could be receiving quarterly payments for years.

Biomass boilers can be easily integrated into your heating system for your complete convenience. For more information regarding our biomass boilers or any of our other services, don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 08000 198 850.