Benson Heating Leicestershire

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Energy Solutions

Cost Effective
Heating & Cooling


Types of environment:

Factories, Warehouses, Workshops,
Production Areas, Mezzanine Floors, Garages Manufacturing

Equipment used:

Powrmatic, Benson
Ambirad, Winterwarm
Roberts Gordon, Combat

Benson Heating manufacturers a large range of efficient Natural Gas, LPG and Oil fired heaters. They are available in cabinet, suspended and tubular formats. Air Plants heating offers the full range of Benson Heating equipment at low prices, offering competitive cost savings over other suppliers.

We can install and maintain your desired Benson Heating equipment at the location of your choice and our team of qualified fitting engineers will perform any gas, main, electrical or flue modifications as needed. We can provide risk assessments and method statements for the work we perform and our team is trained to work at heights.

Benson Heating Benefits

We pride ourselves on being one of the most experienced Benson Heating specialists in the sector, we have achieved many accreditations and as such every engineer we bring aboard is Gas Safe registered and OFTEC accredited. We feel that this gives our clients the peace of mind knowing that they are working with a team of the highest quality professionals, who complete the job with efficiency.

The process from design to installing, to repairs, servicing and maintenance and all after-sales care are completed to the national service.

Benson Heating & Cooling

Air Plants Heating also offer a range of cooling options as add ons to our current product range. By offering these products we ensure that our company is a one stop shop for all Benson heating and cooling systems.

Productivity can be adversely effected by temperatures that are too high or too low, so with this in mind Air Plants Heating can create solutions that ensure your work force can work efficiently and comfortably.


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